Know Thyself.

Empower yourself to take control

You're ready to make change. To take a look at what's held you back and discover your true identity. 

Unearth the limiting beliefs, breakthrough the self doubt and sabotage ands stop people pleasing so that you really can make the choices YOU want to make in your life and business.

I've worked with people on their relationships and heartache and their business has thrived at the same time.

When you accept your wide range of emotions in all their glory and realised that the inner demons can't actually hurt you, you can finally free yourself and live what's important to you.

When you break through the REAL barriers, silence the inner critic and understand the parts of you that are holding you back AND how to heal them, you can reach that freedom, find your financial success and find the consistency you have been craving.

And, most importantly, you will learn how to have self-compassion, self-love and self-trust and rock solid self-belief.

Through transformational mindset work, proven strategy alongside inner healing and alignment, you can create a new lens and finally shift how you see yourself, the world, and bring forward all the success you want to achieve.


So, if you’re at the point where you are ready to to invest your time, emotions, energy and money into yourself and your own success, then I’m here to help you do it.

Are you ready?

Let's do this.

How can we



A high level of bespoke, transformational coaching in a trusted space dedicated to you and your business to help you facilitate deep change and rapid growth, both professionally and personally.


A deeply evocative and soulful mastermind to invite your expansion to the next level of YOU in both your personal and professional evolution.


An intensive session to identity your real challenges, build an actionable sales strategy, improve your money mindset and teach you the 3-Step Dream Discovery Call System.

What others say
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This was one of the best programmes I have ever done! Within a week of finishing the course, I had a sales call where I shared my higher fee and  the client agreed without hesitation!

I learnt so much about myself and my blocks as well as brilliant mindset strategies and tools to overcome  those 'icky' thoughts I've always had about sales.

I avoided those 'tricky' moments or fumbled my way through the 'money' part feeling uncomfortable. I've now shifted my whole approach and now look forward to sales calls, knowing I have the confidence to address any obstacles without sounding pushy.

The mindset shifts alone made a massive difference! I  had little strategy or process, so this was a game changer for me. Teresa  offers not just practical tools but also the deeper work and understanding the psychology of sales and your own blocks. Teresa delivers what she promises and more -she is amazing!


Nicole Posner


Conflict Communication & Leadership Coach

Card Item 2

I wanted to move my business forward and was struggling to do it by myself and Teresa’s unique combination of mindset and business coach was exactly what I’d been looking for. Teresa works intuitively and our 1:1 sessions always achieve mindset shifts that have been positive and very empowering. It has been an absolute pleasure working together and I’m now taking my business forward with clarity and direction.


Claire Shelley


Facebook & Instagram Strategist for Coaches and Consultants

Card Item 3

Teresa has taught me some incredible sales techniques that work and were easy to follow! My 1:1 video discovery calls were lacking in confidence and structure until I did my first one where I actually felt really confident in the process and with the questions I asked. My client paid me the minute he got off the call and didn’t even bother to look at the competition! I couldn’t believe it - her sales training changed everything for me!


Jennifer Claire Constant


Coach & Celebrant Trainer

Card Item 4

I fell in love with Teresa and her style in both as a coach and as a trainer and she helped me to achieve key business and sales results in my first launch. I gained more skills in sales and communication and I am now seeing and understanding the sales process so differently. My mindset has shifted and I feel empowered in my business and life! Highly recommend!


Nadja TJ Chaieb


Career Fulfillment Coach

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