Heal your Past, Transform your Life & Unlock your Success with NLP


If the values of freedom and peace are important to you, the question is what is preventing these in your life and business?

Who are you without all the stories and beliefs that have been running in your life for so long that they feel true, but hold you back ?

Are these your values or those of others?

Living your life by other people's values will hinder your growth and peace, cause you internal conflict and indecision. You will lack self trust and the confidence to make your choices and take the actions that feel right for you and your growth in all areas of your life.

And you will feel stuck and unable to shift easily.


You can't change the past, but you can rewrite your stories, transform your beliefs and create new pathways to happiness and success.

By knowing your values and understanding what's important to you and why, you will unlock the guidance and direction you have been craving. 


Identify your core values to guide and transform your life.




Who are you?


We create concepts of who we think we are, how we think life should be and beliefs and programming around how we should show up with others and in the world.

You may believe 'this is just who I am'.

You may feel powerless to change

You may blame others for how you are

You may feel unheard and misunderstood

These are all your truths, but NLP helps you to look at things differently and to find a fresh perspective that is helpful..

Communication is essential for success.

Whether it's in your interactions with others, in your personal life, at work or in your business, the way you relate and operate with yourself and others often needs a upgrade. 

If you find yourself procrastinating and wanting things to be perfect, this will halt you from taking new actions and hold you in a grip - you can release this when you heal.

If you ignore your inner messages, go against your own grain and don't use your voice or express yourself, this results in difficulty in your interactions.


Start with your Values.

The core of the authentic YOU.

You can reconnect with your true identity, lose the anxiety, confusion and stress that affects your happiness, wellbeing and peace - and your success.

Download the FREE VALUES INSIGHT workbook and get started today on discovering who you truly are and HOW to live in alignment, make decisions and take action towards your freedom, peace and success.

Living in Alignment

Your values are the beliefs and principles that you believe are important in the way that you live and work. They determine your priorities, and guide your decisions and the way you act towards others.

Your Values are part of the inner steer for all you think, feel and do.

Also in your filters are all your beliefs, past experiences and your experience your world thorough your filters, creating your own unique map of the world.

When you understand your map of the world, you can start to navigate life differently towards your success and you can transform, heal and change your beliefs and align your unconcscious with your plans for success.

NLP coaching helps you to overcome sabotage, procrastination and the fears that you 'can't' to unlock the magic within you and create aligned success in life and business.

"When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier."


Ready to transform?



Is it time to rewrite the stories of a lifetime?

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I’m Teresa


I'm a Personal and Business Transformation Coach, NLP Master Practitioner, Credited NLP Trainer, Silent Counsellor and MHFA(England).

I work with a holistic and trauma-informed approach and bring my life experience and  professional skills in NLP and coaching to help you to  empower yourself and evolve into your next phase of success and freedom.

I help you to find the courage to explore and rewrite your stories from the past, transform your beliefs and understand how to communicate effectively and powerfully through your own style of self-expression.

I help entrepreneurial and ambitious women to harness the power of NLP to discover who they truly are at their core, live in alignment with their values and build confidence and resilience to transform their life, relationships and accelerate their careers and businesses.

How we can


Client Transformations
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I wonder about the veracity behind some transformations that people share from coaching so I wonder if people will believe this one because the shift for me working with Teresa has been unfathomable!  When we first began our journey in 2021, I knew I needed guidance and support however I had no idea where that path would take me. I felt stuck in treacle, not really moving my business forward in any significant, exciting or enjoyable way. I found it a labour not a love and everything I tried seemed to feel tough, like I was pushing through obstacle after obstacle. I knew I wanted to step up and with Teresa’s expert guidance, support and gentle challenge we built a strong, trusting relationship where she invited me to explore my resistance, my blocks, my imposter syndrome, my unhelpful patterns of behaviour. We worked through some very uncomfortable situations that I would never have been open to address in the past and he shift for me has been remarkable. I have renewed interest, excitement, passion, energy and drive to take my business to the next level. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Thank you Teresa for everything!


Nicole Posner


Communication & Conflict Coach

Card Item 2

When Teresa started talking about money mindset and limiting beliefs, my ears pricked up. Then she mentioned energy and THEN she talked about combining that with sales strategy and that was it - I was IN. Sales used to make me feel physically sick and cause me such anxiety but, right after her programme, I closed a £7k sale and won a perfect client with such ease I couldn’t believe it. Teresa is so unique in what she does - I haven’t seen another coach with a skills combination like this.


Danielle Garber


Brand Expert & Consultant

Card Item 3

I’ve had an incredible coaching journey with Teresa and am still on it. I’m more in control, have completely transformed my mindset and have achieved every goal I set out so far! My business now is thriving and highly profitable from a standing start. Teresa is definitely a woman of many talents and what makes her unique is her undivided attention and highly intuitive approach. She’s helped me transform my mindset, believe in myself, reach my financial goals and overcome deep blocks by focusing on reducing my triggers, changing patterns and rewriting limiting beliefs. I’ve overcome my business and personal blocks and she wholeheartedly supports me in every way.The energy work she has guided me through has also made an immense difference. Her coaching, support and accountability has helped me to achieve so much that I would never have been able to do alone. I would recommend her to anyone who wants deep change and growth for their business and life.


 Dr. Rachna Sharma


Aesthetics Consultant

Card Item 4

Teresa is a fantastic and life-changing coach. Not only has she helped me launch my online business, she has also given me a vast range of tools and knowledge to develop myself personally. Teresa is kind and approachable, but also knows when to challenge you. Our sessions have been absolutely packed with value from nailing the offering, to sales (pricing & strategy), niche audience, email marketing and funnels and confidence and inner-critic... She has been a fantastic cheerleader for me, and I will always value Teresa’s positive influence in my life and business. I would definitely recommend reaching out to Teresa. If you have a vision, she can really support you in making that a reality. I worked with her on a 1:2:1 basis but also know that she puts the same dedication into her group programmes.


Loren Webb


Founder of Yellow Eve

Card Item 5

Working with Teresa was the kickstart I needed! She has pushed me and encouraged me to properly assess the directions I go in, asking pertinent questions that got me taking more decisive action. Having her as a coach and mentor has at times taken me out of my comfort zone but her advice and ideas always comes from a deeply supportive place. She has been great to work with and very adaptable to my needs as a client. If you feel you’re stagnating or just want to accelerate your progress, give Teresa a call!


Louise Goss


Founder of Homeworker Magazine

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