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I help ambitious women to transform their mindset and overcome blocks to sell with integrity and grow a coaching business they love.

As a highly conscious and creative coach or consultant, ethics and integrity sit at the core of all you do.

You want to lead from your heart, stay true to your values and create a proven business system that works and feels right for you.

You could be a ‘second careerist’ transitioning from corporate employment into the entrepreneurial space and launching your own coaching business.

Perhaps you’ve been running your business for a while and are ready to elevate to your next level of success but feel blocked or disconnected in some way and are looking for a fresh energy and a renewed clarity and direction.


Whether you’re at the start of your journey or further along the path, you’re ready for MORE success and to bring your ultimate dreams into reality through your own thriving economy.

But it’s not all about money for you.

It’s your success by your definition, so time and freedom and balance are important, too.

Following cookie cutters systems, being on financial rollercoasters or hustling your way ahead isn’t for you.

What is for you is creating a unique, values-led, sustainable business that supports you to do what you love best and work in the way YOU want without burning out or selling out.

You attract who you are, not what you want.

 Your business is a reflection of you, so you want to be authentic in how you show up in order to attract the success you desire.

When you get out of your own way, access your courage and breakthrough your blocks to success, you can reprogramme the unhelpful belief systems holding you back and become truly empowered to rise up and hold your next level of growth with confidence and in full alignment with your values and who you really are.

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But it’s not always that easy.

Running a successful online business is exciting and rewarding with immense opportunity, but the online world can be as daunting as it is exciting.

Time, money and energy can disappear fast with seemingly endless non-profitable tasks.

Mindset monkeys show up regularly around money, visibility and selling.

Perfectionism and doubt lead to procrastination and it can sometimes feel overwhelming and isolating doing it all by yourself.

The good news?

 You can overcome these things to show up in a positive and empowered state.

You can find your own way to fully embrace online and grow a thriving business in the way YOU want.

You just need the right coach and mentor to help you do it.

Hi, I’m Teresa!

As an NLP- led transformational business and mindset coach, I work in a highly intuitive way as well as a strategic way.

I help you to upgrade your mindset and draw the best out of you to unlock your strengths and help you succeed in your business – faster.

When you want more from yourself and your business, it’s time to overcome any doubts about whether you’re good enough, whether others are better or more experienced and whether you’re worthy of success & money and to embrace your potential and lead yourself and your business to your version of success.

I already believe there’s nothing you can’t achieve, so if you’re stuck or frustrated and not getting the results you want right now, let’s find out what’s holding you back and what your next steps look like?

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What others say
Card Item 1

I wonder about the veracity behind some transformations that people share from coaching so I wonder if people will believe this one because the shift for me working with Teresa has been unfathomable!  When we first began our journey in 2021, I knew I needed guidance and support however I had no idea where that path would take me. I felt stuck in treacle, not really moving my business forward in any significant, exciting or enjoyable way. I found it a labour not a love and everything I tried seemed to feel tough, like I was pushing through obstacle after obstacle. I knew I wanted to step up and with Teresa’s expert guidance, support and gentle challenge we built a strong, trusting relationship where she invited me to explore my resistance, my blocks, my imposter syndrome, my unhelpful patterns of behaviour. We worked through some very uncomfortable situations that I would never have been open to address in the past and he shift for me has been remarkable. I have renewed interest, excitement, passion, energy and drive to take my business to the next level. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Thank you Teresa for everything!


Nicole Posner


Communication & Conflict Coach

Card Item 2

When Teresa started talking about money mindset and limiting beliefs, my ears pricked up. Then she mentioned energy and THEN she talked about combining that with sales strategy and that was it - I was IN. Sales used to make me feel physically sick and cause me such anxiety but, right after her programme, I closed a £7k sale and won a perfect client with such ease I couldn’t believe it. Teresa is so unique in what she does - I haven’t seen another coach with a skills combination like this.


Danielle Garber


Brand Expert & Consultant

Card Item 3

I’ve had an incredible coaching journey with Teresa and am still on it. I’m more in control, have completely transformed my mindset and have achieved every goal I set out so far! My business now is thriving and highly profitable from a standing start. Teresa is definitely a woman of many talents and what makes her unique is her undivided attention and highly intuitive approach. She’s helped me transform my mindset, believe in myself, reach my financial goals and overcome deep blocks by focusing on reducing my triggers, changing patterns and rewriting limiting beliefs. I’ve overcome my business and personal blocks and she wholeheartedly supports me in every way.The energy work she has guided me through has also made an immense difference. Her coaching, support and accountability has helped me to achieve so much that I would never have been able to do alone. I would recommend her to anyone who wants deep change and growth for their business and life.


 Dr. Rachna Sharma


Aesthetics Consultant

Card Item 4

Teresa is a fantastic and life-changing coach. Not only has she helped me launch my online business, she has also given me a vast range of tools and knowledge to develop myself personally. Teresa is kind and approachable, but also knows when to challenge you. Our sessions have been absolutely packed with value from nailing the offering, to sales (pricing & strategy), niche audience, email marketing and funnels and confidence and inner-critic... She has been a fantastic cheerleader for me, and I will always value Teresa’s positive influence in my life and business. I would definitely recommend reaching out to Teresa. If you have a vision, she can really support you in making that a reality. I worked with her on a 1:2:1 basis but also know that she puts the same dedication into her group programmes.


Loren Webb


Founder of Yellow Eve

Card Item 5

Working with Teresa was the kickstart I needed! She has pushed me and encouraged me to properly assess the directions I go in, asking pertinent questions that got me taking more decisive action. Having her as a coach and mentor has at times taken me out of my comfort zone but her advice and ideas always comes from a deeply supportive place. She has been great to work with and very adaptable to my needs as a client. If you feel you’re stagnating or just want to accelerate your progress, give Teresa a call!


Louise Goss


Founder of Homeworker Magazine

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